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Thank you for visiting the Unity Systems Home Manager Support website. If you are one of approximately 7,500 homeowners with a Home Manager system in your home, then this is the site for you. Within this site you’ll find useful information on the history of the Home Manager product, typical applications and some interesting custom applications that we have helped clients with. But the site is primarily intended to help you keep your system maintained and working flawlessly so you continue to benefit from its capabilities for many years to come. Like a fine automobile that needs a little service every now and then to keep it performing as it should, the Home Manager needs a similar level of service on occasion. And sometimes it even breaks and needs repair or replacement. All of which can indeed be taken care of.

The Home Manager is one of the first and most successful home automation systems ever produced. It incorporates a security system, a zoned temperature control system and a sophisticated lighting and appliance controller. The system consists of a main control panel that typically is located in a closet, garage or mechanical room and one or more Touchscreens. It is at the Touchscreen where all the control criteria is established and the user exercises most of the control. Additionally, keypads are typically located throughout the home, at which the user can turn on and off the security system and trigger lights on and off.

A key feature of the Home Manager is its ability to integrate its internal systems to allow the homeowner to maximize automation. For example, when the security system is armed and the homeowners leave the home, the temperature settings in the home can automatically be setback and the lights can take on a schedule unique to when the home is vacant. When the homeowner returns and disarms the security system, the temperature settings return to normal and the lighting schedules return to their normal, at home, schedules. The HomeWorks Group is the only original dealer left standing who can provide support for Home Manager owners and offers true upgrade paths that leave all the functionality of the original home manager intact.

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