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Adding A Security Code

Go to CHANGE ACCESS as directed above. You’ll see a button labeled NOT USED on the bottom of the list. This is your invitation to create a new user name and passcode for that user. Pressing the NOT USED button will display an alphanumeric screen. Enter the new users name followed by ENTER. The name will be added to the list in alphabetic order. Now press the button next to the new user name and enter the desired 4-digt passcode. Next, select the button with the valid days in it and select the days you want the new user to have access. Typically its all the days of the week This information defaults to none, so its critical that you enter the days you want the code to be valid.

You can proceed in selecting a particular time window that the code is valid if you choose. This defaults to the typical setting of anytime during the day.

Having separate passcodes for all the users of the system can be very useful. Probably the biggest advantage is that it allows you to see who has been arming and disarming the system and at what times. If you come home from work and find that you need to disarm the system when you arrive, you can go into the ACCESS LOG within SECURITY COMMANDS and see a chronological listing of arming and disarming history, by user. You can tell who last armed the system and how long ago.

Some Home Manager owners have service people who are provided access to the home in order to perform their services when the homeowners are away. Assigning them their own unique passcodes allows their comings and goings to be tracked by the system.