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Control Lights From Keypads

When establishing a schedule for a light, the option exists to have the light turn on and/or off by pressing a one or two digit number at any of the keypads.

To perform such action at a keypad, press the MONITOR button, the one or two digit number followed by the MONITOR button again.

  • If you have the older keypads, press the # button twice, then the one or two digit number followed by the # button again.

Controlling lights through your keypads can be very powerful and is a very efficient way of remotely controlling lights when you desire (verses automatically per a preset schedule). You can establish a common schedule for all of your lights that call for the lights to come on or off upon the pressing of the same number. Then when you press the particular command at the keypad all of the lights respond. Its great when you want all the lights off before you sit down to watch TV.