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Disarming the Security System

Enter a valid 4-digit passcode at the Touchscreen or a keypad to disarm the system. The process is the same if the alarm has tripped and is sounding.

If you are returning to home and enter through a normal entry door, the keypad display will present itself on the Touchscreen. If you are already inside and you want to disarm the system at the Touchscreen, you’ll need to navigate to the SECURITY screen and press the SECURITY SYSTEM OFF button, followed by your 4-digit code.

If the system does not disarm after you enter your code, you’ll need to re enter it. Before doing so however, press the RETRY button (on the Touchscreen), CLEAR button (on the keypad) or the * button (on older keypads) to clear previous entries. Then slowly and deliberately enter the code again. The system cannot process codes that are entered too fast, especially with the older keypads.