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Enabling HVAC Systems

In order for your heating and cooling systems to function, they must be turned on so that they can respond to the demands of the temperature settings.

You might recall a typical standard thermostat where you set the desired temperature on the top and on the bottom you set whether the system is in the heat mode, cool mode, auto mode or off. If the thermostat is off, no temperature setting on the top of the thermostat will cause the system to turn on.

Enabling your heating and cooling systems is analogous to setting the switch on the bottom of your old thermostat.

At the DIRECTORY press OTHER COMMANDS and then HVAC CONTROL. (On some systems you may need to press MAINTANENCE after OTHER COMMANDS)

The HVAC Control screen will have one button for each of your systems. Select the system of choice. In the upper right hand corner of the next screen you’ll see a button labeled System Mode. It will contain either OFF, HEAT, COOL or AUTO. To change mode, select the System Mode button. You’ll be presented with the four mode options. Press the mode of choice and ENTER. The new mode fills the System Mode button.

Putting the System in the heat mode will allow only the heating system to operate when needed. Putting the System in the cool mode will allow only the cooling system to operate when needed. Putting the System in the auto mode allows both the heating and cooling systems to come on as needed.

Follow the above sequence for each of the systems that you wish to change the mode off.

If you wish to see which rooms are heated and cooled by each of your systems go to the TEMPERATURE MAINTANENCE screen. This screen displays a listing of all your temperature zones with a column indicating which system it is controlled by. This screen is also very valuable in understanding what all of the heating and cooling systems are doing at any time and which rooms they are trying to satisfy. There are columns of information depicting the actual room temperature, desired room temperature, system status and damper position.

You get to this screen from the DIRECTORY, by pressing OTHER COMMANDS, MAINTANENCE and then TEMPERATURE MAINTANENCE.