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How to use the Touchscreen

If the Touchscreen is blank touch it anywhere to activate it. It may take up to 15 seconds for the display to illuminate. Once you have the display you can make your selection to proceed as you desire.

Anything that is in a box, regardless of the size of the box, is an option you can select. We’ll refer to these boxes as buttons. As you move your finger over a button, it highlights to inform you that you are over the button. Removing your finger from a button while it is highlighted will take you to the next screen.

On some older Touchscreens, the buttons may respond as soon as you push a button rather than when you remove your finger from the button. With this version of Touchscreen you need to be more careful about accurately pushing the desired button or the screen may advance to an undesired next screen.

All the screens throughout the system have a variety of buttons from which you can choose. Consider all the buttons on any particular screen to be the choices you have available on that screen. You always have a menu to choose from to get to where you want to go and do what you want to do. Every screen includes the DIRECTORY button on the lower right hand corner, so you can always return to the starting point at any time.

After approximately 15 minutes of non use, the Touchscreen will go blank. On most Touchscreens, about another 15 minutes later, the Touchscreen will actually internally turn off. This may cause a quick flash of the screen similar to the flash you get when you turn a TV set on or off. Its not to be worried about.