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Temporary Room Temperatures

The purpose of this feature is to temporarily override a room temperature for a short period of time without effecting the permanent settings for the room.

Navigate to the room of choice as you would if you were changing a temperature setting. After selecting the room, you will have a button on the right hand side of the screen called SETUP OVERRIDE. Selecting this button takes you to the override screen where you will see three available buttons on the top: SCHEDULED SETTINGS, OVERRIDE SETTINGS and REMOVE FROM SERVICE. Select the middle OVERRIDE SETTINGS button. You will then be presented with a button labeled ‘Desired Temperature’. Press this button and enter the desired override temperature in the keypad display. Press the appropriate cool or heat button followed by the ENTER button.

The button below, labeled ‘Time to Revert to Schedule’ contains the time at which the override condition will conclude and the system will return to controlling the room based on the permanent temperature settings. If you wish to change the time at which this occurs, press the button and enter your desired time in the keypad display followed by pressing ENTER.