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Setting Room Temperatures

At the DIRECTORY press TEMPERATURE SETTINGS. This will take you to the master floorplan. Select the sub floorplan that includes the room you want to make a change to. You will probably need to navigate through the screens by pressing the TO OTHER FLOORPLANS button a few times. Press the button of the desire room.

You are now at the Temperature Setting screen for that room. This can be the most intimidating screen on the entire system, but don’t let it to that to you!

On the top of the screen you have the WEEKDAY, WEEKEND, SPECIAL 1 and SPECIAL 2 buttons. These are the four temperature modes the system can be in. The Home Manager automatically transitions through the weekday and weekend modes since it understands what day it is. Special 1 and Special 2 are global manual overrides which will be addressed later.

Whatever mode the system is currently in will be highlighted and you can view the schedule of desired temperature settings for that mode below. There are two rows of 6 buttons each. The top row represents the times at which you desire a temperature change. For example, the time that you normally leave the house and go to work may be cause for a desired temperature change. Below each of the time buttons there is a temperature button which contains the temperature (or temperature band) that you desire the room to be starting at the time in the box above it.

You can select any button that you wish to change the information in and enter new time or temperature settings. Press the ENTER button after entering the new information.

Though there are six available buttons for times, you certainly don’t need to use them all. Most users only utilize two or three time transitions. If you want to eliminate a time transition, select the button with that time in it and then press the TIME NOT USED button below.