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To keep your system operating as flawlessly as possible, we recommend some regular service and maintenance. The following items are recommended.

Clean the frame of your Touchscreen every 6 months or whenever it begins to operate skitterishly.

The main battery should be replaced every three years. The primary purpose of the battery is to provide power to the security module of the system to allow it to continue to operate during a power outage. The secondary purpose of the battery is to serve as a part of the surge protection capability of the power supply. The Home Manager keeps the battery charged at all times and will completely recharge it to full capacity after a power outage. After about three years, the batteries begin to quickly loose their ability to hold a charge and deliver the power necessary during a power outage.

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We are fully stocked with spare parts for the Home Manager and can assist you in getting your system operating as you desire. We also offer a Home Manager Series II upgrade. An overview of the Series II system can be found here.