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My Touchscreen doesn’t respond to my finger well!

Clean the black frame of your Touchscreen. Remove it by pulling the bottom of the frame toward you about an inch. This will unsnap it from its lower catch. Now lift the upper part of the frame straight up so as to raise its two upper pins from their sockets. Clean both the inside and outside with water and a cloth. After the frame is dry, reinstall it by placing its two upper pins into the two slots on the top of the Touchscreen and then gently pushing the bottom of the frame toward the Touchscreen until it secures in place.

Although it’s called a Touchscreen, the unit responds to your finger not by touching the glass on the screen, but rather by your finger blocking vertical and horizontal infrared light beams that are emitted in front of the screen. With the frame off, you can see all the lights on the perimeter of the screen. When the frame collects dirt on its surface, primarily on the inside, the light beams are inhibited from passing through the frame. This makes the screen act scitterish and non responsive. Your Touchscreen frame should be cleaned on a regular basis.

A message on the Touchscreen indicates “The following LED’s are blocked”

The LED’s are the lights on the perimeter of the Touchscreen, behind the frame, that sense the position of your finger. Try the following to resolve the problem and eliminate the message.

Clean the frame of your Touchscreen. See the directions for this above.

Remove any obstacles that may be in front of the screen. You may have noticed that if you leave your finger on one place on the screen for more than 30 seconds you’ll get the blocked LED’s message.

The Sun may be shining directly on the Touchscreen or reflecting off the floor or a wall and disturbing the operation of the LED’s. Try to find a way to shield the sun from the Touchscreen. If you are unable to find a permanent way of shielding the sun, it will be sufficient to shield it just during the time you are operating the Touchscreen. Some of the later Touchscreens can be adjusted to prevent the effects of the sun. This adjustment screw is behind the frame on the lower right corner of the screen. If your Touchscreen doesn’t have this adjustment capability and sunshine is an ongoing problem, a modification can be done to your screen to eliminate its sensitivity to sunshine.

If none of the above eliminates the error message, you may have misdirected or faulty LED’s. Let’s check for misdirected. On the Touchscreen, below the message, look carefully for the label number of the LED or LED’s that are causing the problem. Remove the frame from the Touchscreen and look for that number of LED on the perimeter of the Touchscreen. The small lights on the perimeter of the Touchscreen are the LED’s and they are all labeled with a number. Locate the particular LED pair identified in the error message and tweak them so that they are directly pointed at one another. Often they get bumped or moved out of alignment when the frame of the Touchscreen is being reinstalled.

If none of the above eliminates the error message, you probably have one or more faulty LED’s which will need to be replaced. Go to the Service to get help with this.