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My Keypads indicate “A/C NRM AUT CLR”. What does this mean?

This message is intended to provide you with a quick overview of the status of your system. It actually provides you status on 4 elements of your system, as follows:

A/C is an indicator the system is operating off the main house power. When a power outage occurs and the system operates off the battery this indicator will change to BAT. When the battery gets low the BAT indicator will flash.

NRM is an indicator that no trouble conditions exists. Should a trouble condition arise, such as a problem in the fire alarm circuit, this indicator will change to TRB and the keypad will beep every ten seconds until the problem is acknowledged by entering a valid 4-digit code. The TRB indication will remain until the trouble condition is restored.

AUT This indicates that heating and cooling are operating in the Automatic mode, which means the system is responding to the demands that you have established in Temperature Settings. The alternative indication is MAN which means that the system is not responding to the demands established in Temperature Settings. The mode is determined by the position of the switch located on the upper left hand corner of the door to the main control panel. Unless you have special circumstances, this switch should always be in the Auto position, which is the rightmost position.

CLR indicates that no signal is being transmitted to the central monitoring station. When an alarm or trouble condition occurs and such signal is communicated to the central monitoring station this indicator will briefly change to MSG to indicate such communication.