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Light & Appliance Control

A light will not come on when it scheduled to do so?

First lets check the schedule to determine if the Home Manager is attempting to turn the light on. In Lighting & Appliances, navigate to the light in question and select the button for the light. This will take you to the scheduling screen where you’ll see the schedules for the light. You can have up to 6 different schedules for each light, although you can only view 3 at a time. If there is only one schedule for the light you will only see one schedule box with scheduling information in it along with a box to its right that invites you to create another schedule. On the top of each schedule box are the words ON and OFF. Whatever is highlighted will indicate the last command that the Home Manager send out to the light and the reason for the signal will be in the box it is above.

If the ON light is highlighted then the Home Manager attempted to send an On command to the light. If the light didn’t turn on, it is probably due to one of the following physical problems:

- The light switch controlling the light has failed and no longer responds to signals received from the Home Manager.
- The internal components of the Home Manager that control the transmission of control signals has failed.
- There is a signal integrity issue in the electrical system of your home which is preventing the command from your Home Manager from effectively reaching the light switch.
Either of the above problems is probable cause to seek additional help from your dealer.

How do the lighting commands actually get to the light switch?

The Home Manager utilizes ‘Power Line Carrier” technology (PLC) to send signals throughout the home to the various light switches that control the lights. This technology utilizes the existing electrical wires throughout your home as a means of communicating control signals from the Home Manager to the various switches in your home. It is a very attractive means of providing control because it doesn’t require any additional wiring. If you wish to automate or be able to control a light by the Home Manager you simply replace the existing light switch with a PLC light switch which has the ability to receive and respond to the PLC signal received from the Home Manager.

The PLC signals have no effect on any of your electrical items throughout your home. However, sometimes electrical items in the home can effect the integrity of PLC signals. In such case, filters and/or amplifiers can be added to the system to overcome such issues. Your dealer can assess the integrity of your electrical system and solve any issues in your home.