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Pool Control

The spa will not heat up when I turn it on at the keypad?

Check the module labeled ‘Spa Heat’ in the Relay section of LIGHTING & APPLICANCES. Make sure that it is not ‘out of service’. If it is ‘out of service’, select the OVERRIDE SETTINGS button, then select the SCHEDULED SERVICE button to return the Spa Heat to normal operation.

If the Spa Heat is in service, check the schedule summary box. Is the ‘ON’ indicator above the schedule summary box highlighted. If so, the Home Manager is attempting to turn the heater on. The problem may be at the equipment. All pool and spa heaters are equipped with safety sensors which prevent them from turning on unless there is sufficient water flow through them. Have you checked the pool filter? If it is not clean enough to allow sufficient water flow, this may be contributing to the heater not firing.

If the ‘ON’ indicator above the schedule summary box is not highlighted, there may be a problem with the schedule. Typically the On event in the schedule is Txx < 100 and the Off condition is Txx > 100, where xx is the temperature sensor at the pool equipment. There typically are no restrictions in this schedule.