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When I attempt to arm the security system, I get an indication that items are open.

When arming the security system, the system wants to have all the doors and windows secured. If you get an indication that a particular door or window is open it is because the Home Manager is sensing that such door or window is open and suggests closing it. At this point you are encouraged to go and close the particular door and/or window and then come back and arm the system. Alternatively, however, you can choose to arm the system leaving the indicated doors and/or windows eliminated from the system during the upcoming arming cycle. You can make this choose by entering the Force Arm button. The system will arm, securing all items in your system except those that were highlighted as being opened.

Note of Importance: Windows and Doors that are open and have been bypassed will become apart of the armed system if it is closed while the system is still armed. For example, if you elect to leave a bedroom window open and force arm the system and then close the window, that window is now a part of the protected system. Opening the bedroom window thereafter will cause an alarm.

A door or window always shows being open even when it is closed.

The first thing to check is to make sure other nearby doors and windows are closed. Most of the time, the indication on the Home Manager Touchscreen or Keypad indicates a room or area, rather than a particular door or window. If the indication is Master Bedroom, this may indicate all the doors and windows in that room. In such case, all the doors and windows will need to be closed to secure that area.

If you are convinced that all doors and windows of that zone are securely closed and you still get an indication that the zone is open, you may have a problem with the sensor on one of the doors or windows. This is probably a time to call your dealer for service.

On the Directory of the Touchscreen it denotes ‘Alert Log’ next to the Security button. What does this mean?

This is an indication that there has been an alarm activation since the Alert Log has been acknowledged or cleared. The system is prompting you to view it. You can do so by going into Security – Security Commands – Master Passcode – Alert Log. After viewing the information, press either the Acknowledge or Clear button to eliminate the Alert Log icon from the Directory screen. Pressing the Acknowledge button will allow you to maintain the information and pressing the Clear button will eliminate the information in the Alert Log forever.